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also buckshit

a violent blast of diarrhea; more specifically, the crime scene left behind by a squatter in a public stall that resembles the outcome of him/her loading a turd into a shotgun and blasting the wall.
The worst part about cleaning up after the party was the ladie's restroom... shotgun shit everywhere!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
Fecal matter erupting from the anus at a high rate of speed it does not give the person a chance to be fully covering the toilet. It erupts onto nearby objects resembling a shotgun emitted fecal matter buckshot sprayed the area. This condition maybe be confused diarrhea but the velocity and coverage of the fecal matter it differs and is often very messy and leaves the restroom attendant in despair.
That Mexican food gave me the shotgun shits
by Castle Enterprises December 12, 2008
when gas builds up in your ass and you have to shit, when you go to take the shit, you sit down on the toilet seat and the gas that was built up in your ass shoots the shit all over the toilet.
OH FUCK, i couldn't make it to the toilet so i shotgun shited all over the back wall.
by d to the rizake September 23, 2006
When a piece of shit gets forced out of your ass by a powerful fart. usually resulting in splash-back
"Damn it i did a shot-gun shit"
by Xander B May 29, 2003
When you fart in a rapid fashion, blowing very small particles of feces in, and around the toilet bowl.
My stomach was so upset, that I sat down on the toilet and had a shotgun shit, which nearly blew the bowl apart.
by Todd Akers May 12, 2007
when u have to take a dump so massvly large u force it through but you force to hard and it comes ramming out like a bull, it cuts your ass up and it hurts like hell, it is also a mess to clean up
my butt hurts so much because of that shotgun shit i took last night
by zeike October 03, 2006
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