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A bucket of cum.
A shote can be a good addition to a low protein diet.

cum bucket jizz cum shot skeet
by KiLLUMiNATi32492 May 18, 2009
A shote is a bucket of cum.
"I poured a shote on my friend's head."
by TheUsualSuspect May 14, 2009
"Shote" is a slang term for short, which is used when talking about the last few hits of a cigarette, joint, or blunt.
Lemme hit that shote!
by T_Weezy March 08, 2011
Shote is not much unlike the word "shit" But it is used in a way that is less derrogitory. It can also be used around peers that do not like cursing because it is not a curse.
That slurpee was so shote!
The sun shoted out on us!
This is so shote.
Shote out!
by Drew Richie May 23, 2005