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males; -the placing of the 'shot' (or ejaculate) in a chosen or convenient location, -usually ending up a mental, physical and spiritual challenge!
went into foolsley's bar and saw nothing but shot-putters

john was a true shot putter, he was a slave to a kuhm drop!

beth and melissa were sharing a muscular shot-putter
by michael foolsley August 01, 2010
an adjective describing a ugly girl that a guy hooks up with, runs into all the time, and would rather forget. Beer goggles usually involved.
"Damn chris, theres that dude--i mean shot putter--u hooked up with during orientation!"
by Olga April 07, 2005
code word for an ugly person: the further the shotputt the uglier the girl
ew look at the shotputter. Yeah shes got like 100 yards
by meredith February 24, 2005