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While going down on a girl right before she climaxes step back, assume the street fighter stance, scream "Shoryuken"!!
Proceed to fist her in one violent fast motion.
John- "Hey did you notice your sister is walking funny?"

Phil- "Yea, I wonder what happened."

John- "I got her with the Shoryuken. She's not gonna walk right for a while.
by Jack S, and Gugi May 16, 2011
8 24
The coolest thing to scream over Xbox live everytime you hit/kill/pwn/dominate anyone.
<1337haxx0r69> OMG SHORYUKEN!!!11!!!111!!!11!!!!1
<Icantplaygames> u r annoying, go get a g/f dude
<1337haxx0r69> I have one...jenny .jpeg
by William Woody November 29, 2005
15 50