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the slang term used to identify a person of below average height. ridicule of their height.
person 1: hey man
person 2: hey what's happening, short stuff...
#ridicule #make fun of #small fry #little #joke
by The Godfather22 March 14, 2008
A cute nickname for only the cutest girl ever who is 4'9" and is so much fun to be around!
her boyfriend: hey shortstuff wanna come over and hang out??
shortstuff: definitely!! but only cuz u called me shortstuff!! ;)
#short #stuff #little #shorty #girl
by unknown cutie pie! May 01, 2006
Nickname for cute girls under 5". Often referred to by friends and loved ones.
" That girl over there is really. Short but cute ! I'm going to call her short stuff."
by TooTall33 April 13, 2016
Slang for cocaine because cocaine is a shorter high than Crystal Meth.
I can't commit to the long stuff, so I'll take some of the short stuff.
#coke #cocaine #blow #coca cola #snow
by oaklander July 21, 2006
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