The area around the coast-line that isn't directly on the beach. This includes the touristy attractions, hotels, campgrounds, and everywhere that isn't right on the sand (which is the beach) and yet still as the smell of salt in the air.
Do you want to go to the shore this weekend? We'll avoid the shoebies, stay at a campground and we can go to the beach, and the boardwalk at night for skee-ball.
by devious69grl March 24, 2006
Top Definition
What people that live in Philadelphia (philly) and the suburbs call the South Jersey beach.
Philadelphian: Hey let's go to the shore this weekend!
Other person: Where?
Philadelphian: The South Jersey beach.
by letsHATE April 30, 2006
What people in New Jersey call the beach.
Gary: Hey where are you going for the Memorial Day weekend?
Steve: Asbury Park, I've got a house down the shore.
by goldglover375 November 18, 2011
Slang for "sure." Commonly used in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding suburbs. Has recently taken on a flirty connotation to the extent that it is received in a similar way to a wink or a wolf whistle.
Guy: "Hey, can you show me where the sticky notes are?"
Girl: "Shore"
Bystanders: "Damn, she really must want the D."
by cyan hammer March 30, 2013
A joking/sarcastic way to say yes or sure. This response is commonly used to sound foolish when responding to something.
Mike: Want to go do something stupid?!?!
Greg: Shore!!!!
by shores February 24, 2013
The collective noun for a group of douche bags (similar to a gaggle of geese, or a herd of sheep)

A famous shore of douche bags was the 'Jersey Shore. which was followed by a team of naturalists from MTV from 2009 to 2012.
If we get more more kid in here that doesn't take his shades off, we'll have a shore on our hands.

I hope a gaggle of geese craps all over that shore of douche bags.
by kubin February 23, 2013
-so basically someone who's a slutty whore.
-an ultimate whore.
-someone who has no self respect.
Ew. she's such a shore!
that shore stole my bf!
by xaaaax May 21, 2012
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