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A person who suffers from extreme migitism but compensates for that through their amazing mathematical capabilities.
Shoomits get angry over little things so it is best to avoid confrontations.also shoomits have been known to have trouble multi-tasking and conserving money.they also tend to have weak arguments and always leave their laptops lying around so that someone can trip over it and as a result be held accountable for it.96.8% of Shoomits have been seen driving infinitis or cars more expensive then that
Also, Shoomits have hair similar to that of the wooly mammoth, which has led scientists to believe that they have a common ancestry, although others argue that this is impossible given the fact that shoomits are so small.
Will you stop being a shoomit, you've already spent 25000 dollars today
You hair looks like a shoomits hair style, so do you drive an infinti?
It's a good thing your not a lawyer, because your arguing skills are similar to that of the shoomit
by Cabasso February 22, 2008
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