Did a person dirty/wrong
person1:"Aye bitch he stole your board"
person2:AWWWWWWW hella shook
by dopestFEIN July 24, 2008
to feel sick
dude those pills got me shook
by jamienicole June 22, 2004
to shake, but in past tense.
"He shook the can before opening it"
by sossa March 30, 2005
Angry; pissed; about to get violent
Hey girl, what's up?
Dave just called me by another girl's name. I am SHOOK!
by katieishere May 09, 2005
Break up with; get away from.
He was trippin' so I shook em'.
by Lisa S. October 14, 2003
shaken head as fearful to proceed on a beefy environment
if you was smart you would be shookin me, cuz im getting tired of sprayin yo mommas house and let yo ass look for me
by babaluchin simonei September 09, 2003
to leave somewhere, exit
Want to stay for a beer?
Nah, I'm Shook
by joe March 07, 2004

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