Two animals of the four-legged kind mate to produce a new breed of animal that is mix of the two. Its a misfit. A mistake.
A Shetland Pony that has bred with a Donkey, now that is a Shonkey.
by Juliette Taylor March 16, 2006
Top Definition
adj. - not entirely trustworthy, of shady character, ill reputed, fucked up

noun - the offspring of a sheep and donkey
The Church of Scientology sure is a shonkey organization.
by Emmerson Biggins August 01, 2005
what you get when you cross and mate a sheep with a donkey.
Shonkeys are native to Ravenna, Ohio. If it can pull the wool over your eye and kick you in the ass, it must be a shonkey.
by Michelle My Bell March 31, 2007
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