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An abbreviation for the two words short homo
That shomo really likes to eat cookies.
by chefX November 05, 2009
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a plural for homo on either msn/facebook/ any website where you can communicate through typing, but the person who typed it was either retarded, or not sober.
"wow you're a shomo"
"dude, are you tanked? or just retarded"
by JDal August 12, 2008
Another term for gay, but not literally meaning gay. it is better defined as:

A person who tries to show off and act awesome, when in reality they are fat dumbasses and everybody hates them.

Their are two origins of the word:

#1: The "sho" is from the word show, and "mo" is just the ending of the word homo.

#2: The term refers to the current heavy vocalist of attack attack!; Caleb Shomo, who in reality, fits the definition PERFECTLY.
Normal guy: so how's life?

SHOMO: Fuckin' awesome dude! I am the best thing that has ever happened to this world!!! i am fucking amazing!!!!
by J to the gangsta G skillet August 25, 2010

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