To screw your co-workers over constantly to stab someone in the back, to drag your ass at work all night so your co workers have to pick up your slack, to be hated by everyone on the 3rd shift.
I got Shoemakered at work last night by a foul smelling barbarian.
by pick44 August 16, 2011
Top Definition
Lazy, sloppy, incompetent cooks who frequently use short cuts as a substitute for hard-work and skill. Shoemakers are rarely capable of cleaning up after themselves, frequently earning the enmity and contempt of the dishwashers. Always check a shoemaker’s garbage bin to see what salable product has been misused, wasted, and hidden to avoid censure.
Were you going to season that? Don't be a shoemaker.
by buffalochopper November 02, 2005
A person who does something half-ass. They do not put effort into their work therefore it lacks workmanship. Also Can be a lazy person.
That shoemaker sprayed cologne in his fridge to cover up the smell of rotten turkey.
by Mike Fuzz March 30, 2007
Someone who is bad at whatever they are attempting to do and should be making shoes instead.
Look at that skier, he cant even make is down the hill. What a shoemaker.
by Notshoemaker14 March 06, 2011
Chef/pro kitchen term. Someone who just putters around and is useless in the kitchen.
The new cook is a shoemaker. He doesn't even know how to make chicken stock
by DWL September 19, 2005
Used to refer to a crooked or incompitant lawyer. A lawyer that will be inattentive to clients cases and use a "one size fits all" approach.
When looking for a lawyer make sure he's not a shoemaker.
by Nishnob October 26, 2015
A gay dude, typically so flaming that he is obnoxious & annoying or just funny to observe.
Why did we go to this restaurant? It's crawling with shoemakers.

Look at that shoemaker over there in the fur vest & white leather shoes.

That dude's outfit is ridiculous. What a friggin' shoemaker!
by Fer Serial December 30, 2007
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