A singular term used to describe one the "4 Shockas" described in the "B-3" manual.
The 4 shockas of the B-3 are the coolest faces I know!!
by Shocka D September 30, 2003
Top Definition
When two fingers are inserted into a girl vaginally, and the pinky is inserted into the anus.
"Mark Senior really gave that girl the shocka."
by sarah March 22, 2003
As used in the Hawaiian Islands, "Hang Loose or "Shocka" is used as a non verbal expression; or greeting. To tell the receipiant, that every thing will be OK, Relax, Stop looking at me w/ that stern look on your face.
( Mostly Visual) With the three mid figures folded down.
Extend the Thumb & Pinky finger out, and shake vigourously, about the radial axis of the wrist.
"Check Ya' Later Dudes,or shocka"

Driving your vehicle and you stop to let someone make a turn you stop and give him the shocka hand sign

Driving your car someone let you in a spot or make a turn you give him the shocka hand sign, as a way of saying hang loose or thank you, mahalo.
by Darwin O'Connor May 01, 2008
2 in the pink, 1 in the stink! The shocka is often used in pictures, but rarely in the bed. Most wonderful urbanites tend to insert a shocka into any group photo. Favorites are class or club pictures, Boy Scout or Girl Scout pictures, or Church photos. The Shocka has become the official symbol of the Man Scouts of America whose main branch is located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Women tend not to enjoy the Shocka. Common phrases that entail the Shocka: Shock the World. 2 and 1, always a good combination. Big Shocka!
||n| |n||
/ \
by I AM JEFF! January 08, 2004
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