verb, when a person (usually a law enforcement officer) uses an electronic form of non lethal force (usually a Tazer) on an African American, to subdue him or her during an arrest.
That nigger must have been high on crack; he kept fighting off the cops, so they had no choice but to shock the monkey!
by hanksbeer August 18, 2008
Top Definition
As a sex position, the man performs the "Shocker" on his partner as she is held upside-down and performing fellatio. She then resembles a monkey clinging to a tree eating a banana.
Despite her fear of being dropped, she was more than happy to let him shock the monkey.
by CJustcallmeC December 07, 2014
When a redneck pees on a spark plug
Hey Billy Bob d'you hear bout Billy Joe. He done shock the monkey an nearly kill'd he'self
by Trevor W September 12, 2007
To Milk the prostate, utilizing a finger inserted into the rectum and the prostate physically manipulated to produce a more intense than normal ejaculation
He let his girlfriend shock the monkey last night. What a mess!
by Mallary November 26, 2006
the same as shake the monkey but much much harder
Seriously girl, you really gotta shock the monkey before it drags you back to the German jungle.
by c. obscura December 07, 2004
When a vibrator short circuits in an extremely hairy vagina, thus literally shocking the monkey. This is actually the inspiration behind the song shock the monkey as Peter Gabriel is an avid fan of this move.
Matt: Yo how was you're date with that chick?
Johnny: You know we were just makin out and shit then she asked me to go into the shower and shock the monkey, my bathroom still smells like burnt hair
by Guy Le Deuche April 20, 2008
To have sex with an extremely ugly girl.
Speaker 1: I can't believe Nico is hanging with that girl, she's gross.
Speaker 2: haha, he's gonna shock the monkey.
by Googs December 14, 2007
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