Top Definition
An epic failure
1. That was such a Shnurp!

2. Janet, you're a Shnurp!

3. You have to stop Shnurping your test!
by GurlRebel April 13, 2014
A word that can mean anything, replacing any word (usually a noun or verb). Can be used just for fun, as a joke, a word to censor other words, or to replace any word you want for whatever reason. Great for speaking in code as long as the other person knows what you're talking about.
Did you see that shnurp?

Go shnurp yourself!

Yeah, I totally just shnurped that shnurp.

Shnurping is easy, you just shnurp the shnurp and then shnurp.
by Natanbroon January 25, 2012
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