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(verb/adjective/noun)can mean absolutely anything and everything...(definition two is a good example)
1. Joe was like shnoo when John told him he smelled funny.
2. Josh ducked under the little shnoo or he would have hit his head.
3. The Muay Thai dwarfs were very shnooish as they kickboxed in the ring so vigorously aggressively.
by Joseph Pierro March 20, 2008
le fuck. sex.
"I want birthday shnoo."

"I got birthday shnoo. It was the bestest."

"Mmm... He/She gives good shnoo."
by voyeuristic turnip November 17, 2003
Cute/Sweet. Someone or something that is cute and or sweet.
Awwww that tiger is so shnoo!!!!

Kristen ya shnoo!!
by Lantata February 20, 2011
n. means idiot, tart, fun, sometimes dwarf/also created with the word shimo and they are similar words
1.John called Joe a little shnoo because he was ignoring him.
2.~Silence~Joe says "shnooooo" out of no where.
3.Joe says to Josh, "Josh you are a little shnoo you little dwarf."
by Joseph Pierro March 19, 2007
Someone or something that extremely bothers or annoys you.
Oh my gosh, Bob, you're such a shnoo! You always steal my snack.

That teacher is such a shnoo, they give out so much homework.
by sunrayrachel December 13, 2008
another way to call someone a retard
Quit acting like that you shnoo!
by Rixter July 16, 2006
1)A short, rodent like person with a lack of body hair, or 2)A brief expression of indifference.
1)har har, look at him, whay a shnoo, hey? 2)person a: 'i can't believe you intruded on my daughter...naked!'person b:'shnoo'
by oldkinkcolejr May 21, 2003
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