a rude, snobby, stuck up girl
you are such a shnob!
by molly January 25, 2004
Top Definition
a cruel snob of a bitch
you mean shnob!!!
by janie January 25, 2004
a fucking mean, snot of a person
why do you always have to be a shnob!
by joey January 25, 2004
Comes from the saying "shno big deal". Meaning not a big deal.

pronounced: shh-nn-oh-bs
person 1: hey i accidently forgot your stuff in my house
person 2: oh its shnobs.
by bparkfranks November 09, 2009
a very snotty person
my friend becky is such a shnob
by YOKO January 25, 2004
a snobby person
Dude, that bitch is such a shnob!
by SAFIE January 25, 2004
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