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Usually used when not sure of what to say.
by Triple J April 21, 2005
noun: some quality marijuana. verb: to get high. The companion of dree.
As soon as this guy hits me up I can go get some shnee.
Sarah was hella shneed last night.
by Jill J November 22, 2005
It means good and it can be used as a greeting. Mainly used by the mole peple of West K!
e.g. ' Hey Guys'
'Shnee '
by Random K June 19, 2006
The sound one makes to clear their nose and throat after laughing while drinking a beverage.
Carl laughed during his sip so had to "shnee" to clear his nasal passages from the beverage blockage.
by Shnee January 30, 2015
A word with many meanings that is duranged from Asia. It is pronounced with curled lips like an old man without his dentures. It can mean anything and is a good way of striking a conversation.
That shnee was great last night, I did the shnee with that one girl who had a tight shnee.
by Shneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee January 01, 2010
A high pitched sound made by people being forced into a corner by a great lump of a bloke advancing on them in a threatening manner.
I'm gonna rip your eye's out!

by Triple J April 06, 2005
Instantanious death upon respawn.
You just got Shneed so bad in Call of Duty last night!
by Shnee123 August 29, 2009
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