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noun: alcoholic drink. verb: to consume alcohol or be drunk. The companion of shnee.
I went to Tokay Liquors to try and buy some dree.
We're going to Aaron's mom's house to play poker and dree tonight.
by Jill J November 22, 2005
10 3
large sweaty genitals
wow, you have a very nice drees.
by john smithershwinerr December 18, 2008
14 11
Something that a gay kid name Dane calls his little brother
Suck my balls Dree!
by William Shatner July 01, 2004
10 22
name that a fat shiece of pit damed nane calls his britlle lother who has a kool citty named oreo!yay
are u stephen king, no im dree
by billiam July 15, 2004
1 23