Top Definition
to be a dick. to do something unworthy to someone
don't shmog on my parade, it was alot of work!
by Jesse Bowden November 08, 2007
1. A word someone says when upset with somebody
2. A word someone says when sad about something
1. This shmogs! I can't beleive he cannot come over!
2. I really wanted to go see the movie, youre making me shmog.
by jacobsol June 20, 2010
verb; to be bothersome, to wrong do someone, or do something that wasn't at a good time.
justus - you guys are all fags and i'm gonna go be sicker and have more money than all of you

saffren-way to shmog on everyone justus, u faggot.
by Jdawgpunkrocker October 30, 2007

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