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A very feared mob residing all over America. Origins are believed to be somewhere in the Bay Area, California.
The SH Mob started stealing cars on our block again; nobody can stop these Mobsters.
by ikilled50cent March 04, 2005
127 37
1. Cruise in an automobile
2. Leave
1. Let's shmob the new Caddy.
2. This party sucks. Let's shmob
by Jordan January 06, 2004
45 18
dartmouth college term for a mob of freshmen, often found walking around together during the first few weeks of school
"We must have had like a 20 person shmob walking down frat row during that first night of orientation"
by Abbeeeee January 04, 2007
28 16
A small mob
We don't need to ask if so-and-so can come with us, we'll just shmob.
by haywardkitty December 05, 2010
3 2
to drive around, cruise, normally in a lifted truck that is really loud with oversized tires.
Let's just shmob around since there is nothing better to do in this town.
by a lopes April 14, 2008
9 8
1. To be extremly good, so good that even the word tubular is under-cutting the sheer kickassery of the subject.
Thorin: dude, check out that sweet car!

Slater: no dude, that car is Shmob...
by Zombielincoln July 25, 2010
4 4