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another word for "oh no"
"Shmee! There is a burning bag of hawthorne heights (dog feces) on my porch!"
by R.D.Signorino May 30, 2007
Meaning for a cigarette/smoke.
"Let's go have a shmee"
by Kaela1233 November 21, 2006
1. a person you dont like
2. a person who is really cute
3. action that you do on a swing
1. that person is such a shmee
2. aww hes such a shmee
by katieisashmee August 17, 2005
1. (v) The act of being like Ian

2. (n) Stuff you have to put up with.

3. (v) See Beast It
Shmee it fool.
by Ian Philip June 23, 2005
Most annoying sound to come from a teenagers mouth ever!!
If you say SHMEE one more time i am going to kill you!
by devilman99 July 16, 2011
An unsatisfactory situation, object or person; form of whatever.
"How you doing?"
"Do you like my kitty?"
by Hello Kitty TK April 01, 2010
a person who does things like get wasted and vandalize apartments, lose their keys and ID when drunk, drink massive amounts of cheap vodka, and basically does a lot of stupid shit while having fun.
person 1: look at her she's so wasted she can't even walk up those stairs
person 2: ya, she's such a shmeeee!
by shmeeemerrr September 28, 2007