An extremely small penis, the size of a tick tack.
Kyle said, "I have a shmeckle!" Matt replied, "Do you jack off with a cheerio?"
by Werner Heisenberg March 19, 2009
Top Definition
a tiny dick see pinny
Bram has got a shmeckle so small its impossible to see
by Harrisson roberts November 05, 2008
a very funny looking and/or small penis, a.k.a. Carson Daly
again, Carson Daly
by howareya January 29, 2004
teeny tiny tiny penis, dick
Phillip has a shmeckle
by ed January 27, 2005
The act of spitting a loogie on your dick and sticking it in a girls ass...being jewish may or may not apply
Sheck performed a shmeckle on Claire
by O.P. 300 August 28, 2010
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