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someone who cannot be distinguished as either male or female because they look like both
If you're a girl with a beard, you might be a shman.
by Lauren November 10, 2003
A shman is a human being whose gender is completely beyond you. You will see them on the street, on TV, in pictures, or in various other places, and you have no idea whether they are male or female.
Guy One: "Is that person a man or a woman?"
Guy Two: "Dude, that's a shman."
by Memous January 02, 2006
A shmen is defined as a a student who comes to IMSA while skipping their freshman year. The word "shmen" actually derives from the word "freshman" since these students are intended to be freshman. These students are typically intelligent yet lacking the social skills required to succeed on a campus setting. Generally, shmen only make up a small portion of each class. Shmen are looked upon as the lowest in the class system because they have not become fuly matured highschoolers, seeing as they skipped 9th grade. A pseudo-shmen is someone who previously skipped a grade, but not 9th grade. A super-shmen is one who has skipped both 9th grade and one other previous year.
Bob- "Dude, did you hear about that kid that slept through his first 3 classes?!?"
Jim- "Oh yeah, it was that shmen!"
Bob- "That is totally a shmen thing to do!"
by ImNotAShmen September 14, 2010
A person of indeterminate gender (e.g. "Pat").
"Is that a man or a woman?"
"I don't know -- I guess it's a shman."
by Austin HV October 03, 2005
abbreviation for she-man.
A shman!!!
by assclown October 24, 2003
an androgynous male, esp. of the long-haired variety. often to be found in fashion ads for teen magazines.
i love shmen.
i saw a shman downtown today- i wish ashley and sarah had been there.
by agent cyanide March 31, 2003
One word: Loosey. She/he IS one.
"Loosey the shman."

"Loosey, you're such a shman." "Stop being so mean!"

"At least I don't look at shmorn!" (Shman porn.)
by Loosey is a Shman January 07, 2005

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