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When, while wearing a sanitary pad, it rides up your buttcrack and into your vaginal crack and is very uncomfortable. When you pull it out, it makes a crinkly noise that people might be able to hear.
"Man, I have a killer pad wedgie."
by Memous March 26, 2005
A shman is a human being whose gender is completely beyond you. You will see them on the street, on TV, in pictures, or in various other places, and you have no idea whether they are male or female.
Guy One: "Is that person a man or a woman?"
Guy Two: "Dude, that's a shman."
#shemale #transvestite #schman #he-woman #the unknown
by Memous January 02, 2006
"Crap", originating on GaiaOnline.com, said by user Katikal.
"Bomberjads! I broke my TV again!"

"Why won't the bomberjads come out?"

"I have to take a bomberjads."
by Memous March 26, 2005
1) Middle school girls who think they're much older than they are.
2) Middle school girls who will go out with any guy who asks just because they want a boyfriend.
3) Middle school girls who would make out with any cute guy in the school.
4) Middle school sluts.

Or all of the above.
"Ohmygawsh, Becky, Claire is like, SUCH a claremont girl!"

"Ugh, I think my best friend is becoming a claremont girl."

"Hey, man, need a date? Just pick one of the claremont girls."
by Memous March 26, 2005
The rarely seen shman porn.
I caught my brother looking at shmorn! I couldn't tell which was the man, and which was the woman.
#shmanporn #shman porn #shorn #shmanorn #shmann
by Memous January 04, 2006
masturbating, jacking off
"I was flashing bone to some porno the other night..."

"Man, I really need to flash some bone right now."
by Memous March 26, 2005
An exclamation used when one is suprised or shocked.
by Memous March 26, 2005
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