a person who is akwardly tall and skinny.
Aunt: Jimmy! You look like you've had a grow spert. How tall are you now any way?

Nephew: idk like 6'4", but i only weigh like 120lbs

Aunt: Wow i didnt realize shlankishness ran in the family.
by Ko Queefer May 29, 2009
'shh' + 'thanks'; 'shut up' + 'thank you for shutting up'; used when one is made fun of by another or similar situations as a response. often used when referring to one's grandmother.
person a: "Dude you're so dumb."
person b: "Yo SHLANKS dude!"

"SHLANKS your grandma!"
by absolomite January 02, 2009
When you hand someone a possibly cashed bowl of marijuana.
It's your hit. Be careful, cuz I might be shlankin ya.
by jp420 June 16, 2008
a whorish girl used mainly in Naples (only true pimps know about Naples)
Damn Homie look at debbie what a shlank!
by taylorD March 18, 2005
a whorish girl mainly used in Naples (only true pimps know about Naples)
Damn niggah Shaniqwa is such a shlank!
by TaylorD March 23, 2005

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