It is an expression of bad/good feelings. A long form of the word shit.
Hey shizznit, I am so fucked!

Shizznit, the biatch blowed me one, last night!
by xplicit^ July 27, 2003
Top Definition
"the shit"
Damn! I'm in hell now that i missed that crucial shizznit in class!! x-P
an expression used when something could be described as "badass" or "awsome"
That game is the shizznit.
by Coco November 10, 2002
Very good or superb
That dude's the Shizz Nit!!
by Chawbacon November 19, 2003
gibberish term for "shit"
yo dis iz da shizznit dawg
by skip dawg January 01, 2004
Very Good, superb
That due's the Shizz Nit!!
by Peter November 19, 2003
defined term used from the latin root: shit

slang for crap,crappiness, and or smelly material
" take an effing shower you smell like shizz nits"
by kenzeroo May 09, 2009
Just the word shit with an izz added. See bizznitch
"You know my record is the shizznit"
by T Stratton August 14, 2002
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