1) The Shizzle - the good stuff (usually.) esp. phat shizzle, etc.
2) to be In The Shizzle - screwdom, trouble, having to do your homework right before class, etc.
3) all purpose word
1) That CD is full of some Phat Shizzle.
2) Oh man, why didn't I remember my vocab assignment? I'm in the shizzle.
3) Oh, shizzle!
by zaphodchak October 16, 2003
Originally from african american slang for shit or good depending on use of word in a sentence. Shizzle has spread into all parts of 21century life and culture,mainly thanks to american rap artist Snoop doggy dog,it's now used by all races but begrudged when used my lower class white persons.
fo shizzle- for sure
thats the shizzle- thats the shit
shizzle bizzle - shit bitch
#shizzle my bizzle #shizle #shizzle #fo shiz #shizzlle
by weedboi75 August 21, 2009
a vague place or thing that only your homies will understand. Can be used for code and sometimes to confuse others.
Hey, can you hand me the shizzle? I was at the shizzle. I'm going to the shizzle after work.
#shiz #shizzel #shizzil #thing #place #that #location #destination
by theBurbs March 27, 2009
A word that people use when they want to say the word "shit" but don't want to be impolite.
Oh no! there's bird shizzle on my shoe!
#shit #shizle #shissle #doody #crap
by My Real Name xD April 21, 2009
To be cool or to call some THE shizzle, making them or it sound the best

For example;
"Yo dude that shirt is the shizzle, fo show!"
#the shizz #cool #the shit #best #awesomeness
by Ashely1996xx March 30, 2009
this means it's a for sure thing
Were going to your house after the movie for shizzle!
#for sure #that's it #positively #done deal #that's right
by okiefrommuskogee August 02, 2006
An alcoholic drink that is consumed.

1 shot of Bourbon, the rest filled with one of the energy drinks

Best results are with Wild Turkey, and 'V'
Hello barmaid, can I please have 2 shizzles.
#bourbon #energy drink #v #the shizzle #alcohol
by Gadjet September 05, 2010
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