This word can be substituted for any word you want.
What the shizzle?
Dude, look at that shizzle.
Man my shizzle is all shizzled up.
by tWaN June 07, 2003
This word is made up! Its just one of those words that my man snoop doggy dogg made up. It has no meaning so stop trying to make one up for it!
There is none, snoop dont even know what it means!
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
Thats the shit; So cool no other word can expain it; For real
For shizzle,Just plain "Shizzle"
#shit #real #rizzle #sizzle #dizzle
by bOWERS June 30, 2006
Does not mean 'SHIT'- see shiznit
oh fo shizzle
thats fo shizzle
by hold my drink August 26, 2005
A slang term meaning "Are you for real?"; Often used in conjunction with Fer or Far
Are you fer shizzle my nizzle?
by Shockcannon November 23, 2004
Greek. An ugly pig-sheep mix, used to light the the flame at the olmpics, it WAS the torch.
Toga man: Whe'e eth t'e shizzle?
by Yoshi the PUG September 17, 2004
a word white girls like liz use to sound cool, but its ok because sometimes they happen to be the hottest girl around
fo shizzle
by jo mamma February 07, 2004
An out-of-style euphemism for shit. Also substitute for any word that starts with sh to quickly look like a dork.
Fo shizzle. See how lame that sounds?
by soothing January 15, 2004
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