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Stacy Joy Miller
Stacy Joy Miller is the shiznit!
by jomama1234 May 21, 2009
A more gangster/slang way of saying oh shit.
Billy:Dude you just broke his car window.
Bob:Oh Shiznits!!!
by DaShortHizze April 18, 2007
general term denoting "shit" i.e. stuff
Give me back my shiznit!
by renee March 09, 2005
To say "That is the shit!" in idiot form.

Which means that something is great, not that it is crap, or poo, or fecal matter.

Why shit can be a good thing, I don't know
Don't be Hatin' y'all cause I am the Shiznit! Not crap!
by SpringLoaded November 30, 2003
1. shit or crap in the context of saying 'oh crap!' or 'oh shit!' or possibly 'aww man!'. Only in this sence, you only say shiznit.

2. the best
'Yeah! that's the shiznit!'

3. A word which originated in the town of Lake Stevens, WA in the year 2006 by a 6th grader that was NOT allowed to sware. BTW. I am her best friend! haha
1. SHIZNIT!!!!

2. Oh yeah! That's the shiznit right there!!
by Risa95 May 03, 2009
meaning the same as shit mean but instead of saying shit you say shiznit
i left my car on shiznit
by lakenya October 14, 2007
What gangsta people use for slang. Stupid word for those lazy enough to not complete their sentences.
yo yo homie, he's da shiznit!
by </3 rap January 21, 2004