a less rude way to say "shit!" (darn, shiste, etc. are the same)
often "shiznits"
"Aw, shiznit!"
by vicimgd May 21, 2009
synonym of shit. Often used by persons who easily take offense to vulgar language.
That's the shiznit!
by Bungalow Bill November 01, 2001
Stacy Joy Miller
Stacy Joy Miller is the shiznit!
by jomama1234 May 21, 2009
A more gangster/slang way of saying oh shit.
Billy:Dude you just broke his car window.
Bob:Oh Shiznits!!!
by DaShortHizze April 18, 2007
The shit - excellent

Correct usage: always 'the shiznit', NEVER means 'shit' and Americans will laugh at you if you use it in this way.

Origins: Restaurant in New Orleans in the 90s when a student of Tulane University described the meal as following 'it was the shi...' intending to say 'the shit', then realising that he was not only among drunken students (parents were present) he trailed into 'shi...znt'. One of his friends asked 'shi..znit'? to which he replied 'that's right, the shiznit'.

The friends then went home for the holidays and spread the term to their homes - all over the USA - amongst the attendees, two went to LA, California - which is how it got there - and one to Atlanta.

The term was not used in this country until it was brought over here by Adam and Joe of 'The Adam and Joe Show' who heard it in Atlanta. I asked them to spread the word and got a group of people together to post on internet sites all over the world in a quest to get the word into a dictionary. I had done searches on the word previously and the only appearances could be traced to these attendees. Yay! Got a word in a dictionary!

This meal is the shiznit

variant - shizza-de-nitta
by MadBex June 30, 2006
general term denoting "shit" i.e. stuff
Give me back my shiznit!
by renee March 09, 2005
To say "That is the shit!" in idiot form.

Which means that something is great, not that it is crap, or poo, or fecal matter.

Why shit can be a good thing, I don't know
Don't be Hatin' y'all cause I am the Shiznit! Not crap!
by SpringLoaded November 30, 2003

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