To chill or SHIZBANGER pretty much means you always screw stuff up.
"hey pass they ball to me!"
"what the hell, how did you manage to get it over the fance you idiot!?"
"Coz' Im a shizbanger"
"Well, Let's go shizbang at your place then."
by EmmaaKatee November 24, 2011
Top Definition
To engage in fornication.
Sloot, I want to shizbang you.
by leeroydouche June 23, 2010
a game in which the soul purpose is to piss off pedestrians whilst they pass by, by insulting them in an obscene manner. they must not see you.
originates from the legend that is smithells. shizbanging, shizbanger. shout shizbang at a pedestrian.
by jamborino smithles September 25, 2008
refers to the descruption of stuff
1. man that budgeclart shizzle is some great shizbang
2. what the fusgeriegar is that shizbang
by scott69 May 16, 2006
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