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noun, a thing that creates chaos for everything around it. Alternatively, a person who creates chaos for everything around him or her.
-ed, adjective, the state of being the source of chaos
My love life is a shitwreck. (noun)
He makes every meeting a shitwreck. (noun)
Let's get shitwrecked. (adjective)
by Acecatdog November 11, 2008
A turd that sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl
Fuck me I just did the the most humungous shitwreck.
by soodonaime July 28, 2011
It's like a ship wreck, but with shit.
Bill: Sure Jeanne's a slut, but she still supports her kids.
Me: Oh?
Bill: Yeah, her life isn't a total shit wreck.
by alkalinegirl August 18, 2008
Somewhere between shitfaced and a trainwreck.
Linda is a total shit-wreck tonight,
by Cool Cat Tour Coordinator October 11, 2015
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