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the result of participating in a night of total twistedness, hard moves, etc.
Shit homie I was doin some hard biz last night and as a result got totally shitwhacked
by Swade September 26, 2006
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The expression someone has on their face when surprised,astonished,or just plain stupid.This expression resembles the look as if that person was smacked in the face with a large log of shit on a stick.
Matt: I don't act like i'm cool because all I want to do is smoke and drink.

Ryan: Yea you do dude, your either just really stupid or shit whacked.
by Jackovasaurus August 24, 2008
Slapping the ass of a hooker on the streets while eating ur own poop
"Man, did you see that shit, ur mom was getting shitwhacked by that BUM!"
by 2.0 November 09, 2007

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