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pancake type mix thingy topped with a brown colouring substance. Used as an insult or when an error has occured.
Devised by a mate of mine, Ange.
failed an exam - ah shitwaffles
by HuwSy July 09, 2004
18 11
leaving a big dump on someone's laptop keyboard and pushing the screen down, making a shit waffle.
Beau left his laptop out when he passed out so I left a big shit waffle on his computer.
by zombiekilla1998 March 09, 2009
48 16
this is a derogatory term used for anyone who has commited any sort of offense against you
you sir, are a shit waffle
by Tobs July 09, 2005
15 17
adj - the state of being that results from a high velocity impact with a broad blunt object, such as a wall.

v- the act or occurence of impacting a broad, blunt, object at high velocity
If we had hit that tractor trailer, we'd have been shitwaffled!

You ass! You almost shitwaffled us!
by jeremy spiegel May 17, 2006
2 8
used to describe someone so hot that you would let them shit on your waffle and you would still eat it

that chick is a shit waffle
by bmasriwd July 04, 2007
6 19