Shitty is used as a nickname or skreet name and refers to someone who does things half assed, poor quality; highly inferior. Yo what up shitty Matt!!
Hey Shitty Matt can you get me a beer from the frig?
by rainmaker1966 September 29, 2010
Collective term to describe weather conditions... generally falling in between a full storm and overcast skies.
I would go to the beach today but the weather is so shitty
by AskAdam September 15, 2004
1) Very poor quality. Tatty, cheap etc
2) Drenched in shit
1) I got a really shitty present from my Mum.
2) Put away your shitty pants.
by Finn Williams August 26, 2011
The incorrect way to pronounce "city" or "citi" often done so by Asians and Pacific Islanders.
"I can't wait to see the Mets play in Shitty Field, I heard they keep the field extra clean."

Stereotypical Asian: "When's the next train to New York Shitty?"
Ticket Booth Attendant: I'm sorry sir, we do not carry trains covered in feces."
by I3@tp00p June 16, 2009
Shitties, (also Shi'ite, etc.) Coined by Sir David "Brown" Brunton in 2005, was originally a term to describe those, who at social or hudge gatherings were acting over dramatic, stupid, and in the end just plain shitty.

"Shittie" was then adapted to rule out those who were not wanted/welcome at those future events. Of course, with all new slang, and the help of the internet, those with low self esteem felt that they were targeted by those non-shitties.

The rule of 'Shittie' is as follows:
-If you have to ask yourself if you're a shittie, then you are.
"Rhonda brings nothing to the tabes, she's a shittie."
by Teija Aspegren June 21, 2005
When Something Doesn't Come Out The Way You Thought It Would.
Boy : Ayyyyyeeeee, We Finna Party
Big Sister : WE ARE ! You Staying Home, Don't You Feel Shitty ?!
by LaniiGirl June 24, 2011
a sympathetic offering akin to 'sorry to hear that'
neighbour Man, I ran over my mother-in-law's chijuaua with the lawnmower yesterday. She is going to have a fit over it after she finishes replanting her garden. Look, man do you think I could sleep in your garage tonight?

you huh, what? Oh, shitty. Sure, I guess so.
by extremely agitated June 19, 2009
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