people who take shits on the floor. People who do this are called "shitty". They are disgusting people who do disgusting things for a small amount of money. I boy i know did this...what a digusting, shitty mug!!!
"omfg "shitty" prick. I cant believe you took a shit on the floor"
by blondeamz91 November 26, 2005
complete ruination (see definition)
oh shitties, im ruined.
by playap02 January 14, 2004
the word that boyfriends use way to frequently in descriptions involving: how they feel, how you treat them, and how things work
how are you feeling right now?
what do you want to talk about>?
-how shitty things are
what about this cd?
-its shitty
by joce November 09, 2002
nicest thing to call someone in an affectionate way, if you love them...then they are shitty!
Shitty is beautiful, her brains are sexy, and I love the shit out of her.
by bodine February 03, 2004
tiff or fight (Oz slang)
"I had a shitty with my room mate"
by trogdor October 15, 2003
1. Of or resembling shit.

2. Lame, uncool, or otherwise bad.

3. Microsoft Xbox.
by Shinigami August 18, 2003
Of or relating to shit.
"XBox is shit."
"I need to take a big shit."
"You got some shit on your lip."
"This is so damn shit."
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 10, 2003

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