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A shitty stick is used to ward off attention from females.
When Crouchinho did his robot dance he had to beat off the women with a shitty stick.
by RedinSweden June 02, 2006
21 5
an expression similar to not touching a person of the opposite sex 'with a 10ft barge pole'
a metaphorical stick describing the action of fighting off the advances of another person that is not phsyically attractive.
Drunk man: Hey man, that chick looks hot, go chat her up
Not so drunk man: Are you kidding me?! i wouldn't touch her with a shitty stick
15 9
When you fuck a person in the ass, then take out your dick, and it has shit on it.
I took my penis out of krystal's anal, and it was covred in poo.
by Mike Lamberti October 28, 2004
6 22
shit on a stick u dumbass!!!
the hobo saw a shitty stick and decided to eat it!
by Lisa February 16, 2004
3 22