a tortuous event or experience.
getting my balls caught in the door of my mitsubishi galant was a real shitter.
by jiggyklondike March 01, 2010
A person that shits (figuratively) on everything, including but not limited to the ideas, belongings, and self-esteem of others.
Max just spilled beer on my tie while telling me how ugly it was... He's such a shitter!
by The Dregs July 18, 2013
Usually used as an exclamation. Best used when in a tough situation.
Me:Shitters, man!
Someone else: You are so in deep shit, dude.
by Lemon Salt June 01, 2005
A 4-person card game played by nearly everyone in Turlock, CA.
The goal of the game is to get rid of your hand before the other 3 players. the person with the 3 of clubs starts out the game by placing it in the center. ina clockwise fashion, each player puts down a similar (single, double, triple, 4-of-a-kind, striaght, etc) that is greater than the card before it. After the first round of playing, the player who got rid of their hand the quickest becomes "King"; the next player is the "Queen"; the next is "Jack"; the the player last becomes the "Shitter". After the titles are given, the King takes 2 cards of his choice from the Shitter and gives back 2 of his own. The same goes for the Queen and the Jack, except only one card is exchanged.
I have a deck of cards in my backpack--does anyone want to play shitter?
by John H Pitman April 29, 2007
1). The little pieces of weed that pull through the bowl and get into your mouth.

2). The last bits of weed in your weed sack.
1). Damn dude, i got all the shitters that hit.

2). I just got some shitters left bro.
by King J Rice October 25, 2006
The toilets or public restrooms.
brad: I'm Busting!!!

Pete: You better get your arse over to the shitters then mate!
by Lau Ren September 04, 2007
Any young rock-orientated adolescent that procrastinates (often in large groups) in public places for no apparent reason. Shitters are also known for their pseudo-drunken or pseudo-stoned behaviour, often through a lack of knowledge or unwillingness to learn.
"You're all Centenary shitters!" Used to describe the shitter problem in Centenary Square, Bradford, UK (where the phrase was coined).
by xInfinityx November 11, 2006

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