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When one needs to break up their current activity for the sole purpose of defecation.
"Dude, we gotta stop this jog and find some bushes for a shitstop. I got a growler the size and temper of grandma coming."
by SkyFood June 14, 2009
When one goes to the bathroom to piss, but subsequently decides to take a shit as well. Similar to a pit stop in nascar, if a driver needs to get gas, he/she might decide to change the tires as well while they're at it.
Anonymous kid A: God dude I got out of Math class and had to take a piss the entire fucking class, I felt like I was about to get a UTI but I had to copy this Asian chick who was rocking a Hello Kitty watch so I knew she knew her shit.

Anonymous kid B: Fuck that class dude, math is the lesbian sister of biology, so my conservative catholic parents would never let me take it. How was that piss?

Anonymous kid A: Dude, it started out as a piss, but since I was already there I decided to take a shit stop and Release the Kraken on that toilet!
by Hurdsauce May 20, 2011
Like a pit stop, except done when driving on the road, too far from your home restroom. Typically happens on road trips, after a night of drinking, or else shortly after eating fast food.
Husband and wife are driving on the highway, the husband swerves the minivan into the rest area...

Wife: What are you doing?! We just ______ (ate, filled up the car with gas, etc.).

Husband: Sorry, gotta make a shit stop!
by J3553 October 30, 2007
shitstop: noun: something you do before anal sex. as in "hold on i gotta take a shitstop before we go any further"
see above:

as in "hold on i gotta take a shitstop before we go any further"
by Shitstopper June 09, 2005
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