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(noun) A wanna-be musical artist, singer or rapper, who has no talent. This person cannot rap/sing and/or spews out poorly written lyrics.

Also, a nonsensical person representative of this in every day conversation, or one who tries to talk shit.

Can also be used as a verb - to shitspit, shitspittin', spittin' shit, etc...

"I can't stand that Juvenile fuckin' shitspitter rapper wannabe!"

"What the hell is 311 tryin' to say? Fuckin' shitspitters..."

"You been runnin' your mouth shitspittin' all night."
by Webspin September 27, 2007
The gluteus maximus ,the buttocks,,rump,bumb, rearend,ass.
Two dudes are sitting at the bar in Key West,a smokin hot girl walks past. One dude says to the other dude : damn bro,check out the shitspitter on that bitch.
by Peezblud January 13, 2010

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