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(noun) A wanna-be musical artist, singer or rapper, who has no talent. This person cannot rap/sing and/or spews out poorly written lyrics.

Also, a nonsensical person representative of this in every day conversation, or one who tries to talk shit.

Can also be used as a verb - to shitspit, shitspittin', spittin' shit, etc...

"I can't stand that Juvenile fuckin' shitspitter rapper wannabe!"

"What the hell is 311 tryin' to say? Fuckin' shitspitters..."

"You been runnin' your mouth shitspittin' all night."
by Webspin September 27, 2007
6 1
The gluteus maximus ,the buttocks,,rump,bumb, rearend,ass.
Two dudes are sitting at the bar in Key West,a smokin hot girl walks past. One dude says to the other dude : damn bro,check out the shitspitter on that bitch.
by Peezblud January 13, 2010
2 2