A dog who eats poo out of the cat's litter box as a snack.
My dog Milo is a Shit Snacker.
by Pale Rider 1 January 01, 2010
Top Definition
someone whose behavior is so vile and offensive that it can only be assumed that they consume a regular diet of feces
"They're posting record profits while jacking prices...talk about shitsnackers!"
"You cut me off...you SHITSNACKER!"
"Who pissed in her cheerios?"..."Nobody- she's like that everyday, a real shitsnacker"
by robert m stewart February 20, 2006
Person who talks a lot of crap. (From swedish "snack", slang for talk.)
- I got laid last night.
- Don't be such a shitsnacker!
by Billy Billy March 01, 2006
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