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A phrase usedd to confuse someone, it originated from the french pronounciation of 'chit-chat'.
Said to Louis: 'take a break, have a shit-shat'
The girls meant: 'relax, have a chit-chat'
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
2 3
Comes from the word "chitchat."
A type of convo usually involving any of the following: stupid poop jokes, bathrooms, or just plain talking shit about someone.
Jake and Ryan were shitshatting. Those poop jokes were gross.

Jenny and Emma were shitshatting about that girl; that gossip was nasty.

chitchat talk poop gossip dirt shit
by UrbanIce December 27, 2009
16 6
When two men, sitting in adjacent bathroom stalls, engage in casual conversation while defecating.
John and Paul were in the bathroom having a shit shat.
by Sammy Cat May 05, 2012
5 -1
A chatty conversation that degenerates into flaming.
"...so, did you see that awesome movie yesterday?"
"Yeah, it sucked ass!"
"Are you kidding? It was epic!"
"You're a fuck face!"
"Oh, is that the best you can do, well..."
"@#&!@*#~! @#*($*@!~!! @#$(*!@(#*!@)$@$^$%(!!!"
"Right back at ya, big boy. Wow, this has been quite the shit shat."
by scikidus September 18, 2008
0 1
the art of taking someones candy bar when they arent looking and replacing it with a piece of human feces.
Shit Shat works best with baby ruth, butterfingers, and twix
by Dodongo56 January 04, 2011
1 3
Unworthy conversation, chit chat that is meaningless, bragging, fabricating,
Don't give me any shit shat about that.
by phoenix9999 June 08, 2009
0 3