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Comes from the word "chitchat."
A type of convo usually involving any of the following: stupid poop jokes, bathrooms, or just plain talking shit about someone.
Jake and Ryan were shitshatting. Those poop jokes were gross.

Jenny and Emma were shitshatting about that girl; that gossip was nasty.

chitchat talk poop gossip dirt shit
by UrbanIce December 27, 2009
When two men, sitting in adjacent bathroom stalls, engage in casual conversation while defecating.
John and Paul were in the bathroom having a shit shat.
by Sammy Cat May 05, 2012
A phrase usedd to confuse someone, it originated from the french pronounciation of 'chit-chat'.
Said to Louis: 'take a break, have a shit-shat'
The girls meant: 'relax, have a chit-chat'
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
A chatty conversation that degenerates into flaming.
", did you see that awesome movie yesterday?"
"Yeah, it sucked ass!"
"Are you kidding? It was epic!"
"You're a fuck face!"
"Oh, is that the best you can do, well..."
"@#&!@*#~! @#*($*@!~!! @#$(*!@(#*!@)$@$^$%(!!!"
"Right back at ya, big boy. Wow, this has been quite the shit shat."
by scikidus September 18, 2008
the art of taking someones candy bar when they arent looking and replacing it with a piece of human feces.
Shit Shat works best with baby ruth, butterfingers, and twix
by Dodongo56 January 04, 2011
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