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The practice of allowing one who has taken a massively loud and malodorous dump the dignity of leaving the bathroom stall without being identified. May apply not only to saving the individual the embarrassment following said dump, but also during said dump. In that case, an individual washing their hands or urinating at a urinal who witnesses another person entering a stall will complete their urination and (hopefully subsequent handwashing) in a timely manner as to allow the shitter the opportunity to defecate with the full force necessary to empty their bowels.
After returning to work from lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, I appreciate that the guy that entered the bathroom during my explosive shitfest left quickly, granting me shitonymity and freedom from embarrassment.

Of course, the hot girl seated by the bathroom heard the whole damn drum solo and stared at me as I returned to my cubicle in shame...or is it pride?
by thirtyfivethousandfeet August 03, 2011
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