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n. The act of taking a nap while sitting pants down on the toilet. Often happens after a long night of drinking, or just whenever the mood strikes.

v. the act of taking a shitnap. -ing,
Guy1: "I'm so tired, and I've got to take a shit."
Guy2: "Shitnap, dude... shitnap."
Guy1: "Good call, see you in about 45 minutes."
by Wade Justice April 19, 2005
The act of locking oneself into a bathroom stall, preferrably the one in the dark corner, and sitting on the bowl and taking a snooze or to just 'rest your eyes.'
Damn! I got so wasted last night. I can't believe I made it into work today. I guess I'll just go chill in the john for a while; maybe take a shit nap.
by carlipet September 23, 2009
When you shit so hard, you need to nap
When you nap so hard you take a shit
What's wrong with mike? I think he took a shit nap
by noshitsherlock1516 February 03, 2014
A relaxed state induced from defecating and reading on a comfortable toilet.
I thought Megan might have died in the bathroom, but she was only taking a shitnap.
by stinkylettuce June 22, 2009
n. 1. waking up in the middle of the night with the need to take a shit but not wanting to wake up, so you leave the lights off, keep your eyes closed, find your way to the toilet, sit down, shit, fall asleep on toilet. See also crapnap
Wife: "Honey, where were you?"
Husband: "I took a shitnap, dear. Go back to sleep."
by Sleepshit MaGoo April 24, 2005
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