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An especially disorganized mess.
"Clean up this shitmess now, buster, or you can forget about going out tonight!"
by Loadmaster January 14, 2004
A term for what's found on the bathroom floor after one has defecated or shat in the toilet and clogged the toilet bowl with paper or paper towels and the shit and toilet paper has overflowed from the toilet onto the floor.
Girl: 'Babe, is this your shit-mess on the bathroom floor again?'
Guy: 'I dunno, what color is it anyways?'
Girl: 'Gross, babe, why does the color matter?'
Guy: 'Spinach salad earlier, if it's got some green mixed in, it's my shit-mess, but you'll want to clean it, please?'
Girl: 'Fuck off, dude, I'm not cleaning this crap!'
Guy: 'Clean it or no sex later!'
Girl: 'OK, I'll get the mop and all...'
by coozehound72 September 03, 2010
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