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A sycophantic follower of another's feelings or leanings, irrespective of their own opinons. Probably gay. Defintely sadistic and cruel, but weak.
"Oh yes, you're defintely right there John, you're the best" (shitlicker)
by james November 15, 2003
17 21
an undesireable person. a derrogatory term used to express discontent.
That guy is a wicked shitlicker.
by nick May 06, 2005
27 9
A person who licks shit
Kyle get off my ass you shit licker.
by Travis May 31, 2004
37 20
A male homosexual
Greg is a Shit Licker.
by Joey July 08, 2003
54 43
A person who licks shit from a dogs ass
Rebekah Kilan is a classic example of this meaning. She licks shit from dogs asses as a career.
by anonymous April 24, 2003
25 18