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A (usually adolescent) person who listens to several undeground genres (crust punk/ d-beat/ Thrash Black/Street Punk...) Is poor. Is messy, fucked-up and usually starts smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking alcohol at a young age. Hangs out with a small group of individuals who are usually in the same bands, and would go as far as killing a poser if they enter the territory. they usually have one alley they chill at and are part of a tight underground scene.
Boy: "Dad, can I hang out with those cool punk kids?"
Dad: "No! Those alley punks would beat you up if you go in their alley!"
by Outlaw-Scumfuck October 26, 2012
The rawest punk band from sweden, started in 1981 and broke up in 1982. However in there short time they managed to release 2 EPs and Inspired many D-beat punk bands and also they're first gig was opening for The Exploited.
"Who tells the cunts to do what they do? THE LEADER OF THE FUCKING ASSHOLES! - The Shitlickers
by Outlaw-Scumfuck October 30, 2012
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