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When you're at work and people keep stopping by to drop off more shit for you to do. It just keeps coming and you can't dig out.
Much like bukkake but you're buried in work instead
You: Hey hun, how was your day?
Her: I got shitkakked today, everybody needed something and it just wouldn't stop.
You: Well, that's a hell of a story, now make me a sammich!
by worked2death May 03, 2011
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When someone partakes in sexual activity where it involves one sub an usually multiple doms who stand above the sub and then defecates onto the sub. Once all the dominants have finished the sub then rolls around it the faeces for sexual pleasure
Donna "Oh hello there, would you like to participate in Shitkakke?" Dancer "Why yes I would!" Donna "Well please lower your faecal matter onto my face post haste!"
by shartsaway May 08, 2017
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