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Shitizen (n.) can refer to those people who are officially citizens but treated unjustly by their government as if they are just indentured servants or even slaves.

When this meaning is used, often it is conveyed with compassion or self-mockery.
They say we are citizens, we know we are shitizens.

In our great Celestial Empire, if you are born to be a shitizen, you will be a shitizen here forever. Go abroad, my friend, only the dumbs remain.
by shitizen April 06, 2010
A person who does not do his/her part as a citizen or his/her country.
A Shitizen is someone who whines about the way our government runs our country but does not bother to vote during elections and referenda.
by Jeff Bedia February 06, 2008
ever taxed, never electing.
a shitizen lives a shit life.
by dj wayne January 06, 2013