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1- left over particles of feces lingering at the bottom of the toilet, nearly unflushable and as fine as silt. 2- Small particles of shit and or toilet paper or other very small pieces of anything lodged in your ass crack after wiping, usually discovered when washing your ass-crack during a shower.
"I tried to flush away the remaining shiticles before my girlfriend came over, but they just wouldn't dissipate."

"I had shiticles lodged in my ass."

"The shiticles in my underwear ended up staining them."
by Mike Losquadro November 05, 2006
a shit particle expelled anally via a fart...
Raul let one rip in a meeting, and everyone had to breathe his shiticles....
by Hippos4Life April 03, 2008
1. Occurs when a human-male is sitting on the toilet (#2) and his testicles are hanging to low into the bowl (usually during hot days as the ball-bag is more relaxed). As the turd descends into the toilet bowl, it scrapes the testicles fowling them with feces (aka. shiticiles).

2. Occurs when a man wipes back-to-front, effectively getting feces on his nut-sack (usually unbeknownst to the man).

3. Reference: See 'Duck-Butter' for the result of having a prolonged case of the shiticles.
1. "Seriously, i shouldn't have had a burrito with a coffee chaser for lunch today, my boys are so itchy, i think i have shiticles"

2. "My wife was right when she told my daughter to always wipe front-to-back, i didn't listen, now I have a mean rash from a prolonged case of shiticles"

3. "The meeting was at 10 am, i didn't have time to wipe, i think my shiticles has become a full fledged case of duck butter"
by URGFsBF April 11, 2011
a child who never showers, always has a dirty house and will never get pussy.
"shiticle you gay cunt"
by michael hamdomcrombie August 10, 2008
the feeling of being cold; usually stuck in a cold bathroom at a greasy spoon diner, disposing of a weeks worth of meals.
Holy shiticles, I need to hurry before I get stuck in here.
by elank54 July 28, 2010
1 - A shit recepticle. A toilet.

2 - Someone being used by someone else to dump all of their problems and worries on. Usually too nice to stop this from happening.
Person 1 - So yeah, she was crying to me on the phone last night. I stayed up all night with her.

Person 2 - Dude, you are such a shiticle.
by Someone who is very kewl December 31, 2009
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